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Construction drainpipe

HDPEPipes ReadforyouProductfeatures BaodingDonghePlasticIndustryCo.,Ltdisamodernenterprisethatspecializedinresearching,developing,andmanufacturingplasticsheets,pipes,rodsandprofiles.Ithascompleteandad
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HDPE Pipes


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Baoding Donghe Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd is a modern enterprise that specialized in researching, developing, and manufacturing plastic sheets, pipes, rods and profiles. It has complete and advanced systems in research, manufacture, sales and service.


Superior performance


HDPE Water Supply Pipes (OD: 16-630mm)

HDPE Drainage Pipes (OD: 16-630mm)

HDPE Corrugated Pipes (OD: 100-630mm)

Colors: Black, Natural and any other colors according to customers’ requirements.


Healthy water and non-toxic;

Excellent aging resistance, good endure thermal, heat preservation properties;

Excellent chemical resistance, free from weakness caused by rusting or chemical actions;

Good performance strength and mechanic performance;

Light weight, convenient for installation or maintenance.


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◆ Since established in Jan,2013,  Baoding Donghe Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd has become a well-known company in plastic industry of China. We continuously introduced foreign advanced facilities into our production system and till now we have 12 extrusion lines and the annual production exceeds 30000 tons.
◆ With advanced extrusion technology and hi-tech extrusion lines, we can provide PVC PP ABS PE sheets, PP PVC rods, profiles and PVC PP HDPE pipes of high performance for a diverse range of applications. We take “Quality first, Customers oriented” as our culture, and we have won good appraisement from our global clients for high quality products, reasonable prices and excellent services.

◆  Baoding Donghe Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd has established close relationships with famous R&D institutes and organizations in China so as to provide a strong support to update our technologies and products. And we also have a professional sales team to offer technical support and solutions to global clients.
◆ So far, our products are widely use

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